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The tactical flashlight was originally created as a combination auxiliary for military and law enforcement personnel. Nowadays, tactical flashlights are also a self-defense device for EDC. What makes a flashlight tactical is its high durability, robustness, waterproof, and simplicity. In addition, the most important is the functions can be triggered instinctively.

The functions of tactical flashlights differ from career to career. Generally, there are mainly three kinds of vocation that require tactical flashlights: law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security officers, even some people may use them for self-defense and signaling for help purposes. Hence, tactical flashlights are designed slightly differently. For example, law enforcement officers may require a tactical flashlight that features a red-blue flash but military personnel may not, it will be designed to meet low light shooting for tactics at night.

Those ordinary customers may wonder how the tactical flashlight achieves self-defense, taking NEXTORCH’s TA30 series as an example, the puts out between 1300-3000 lumens of light contributing to dazzling effects and disorientating any would-be attackers. In close defense scenarios, a striking bezel may help inflict severe pain on the opponents.

For more convenient tactical use, a tactical flashlight may feature a multifunction tail switch, striking bezel, tactical accessories, one-step strobe mode, variable-frequency strobe mode, remote switch, and so on. All of which can help fulfill the applications of various tactical scenarios.

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