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The tactical flashlight was originally created as a combination auxiliary for military and law enforcement personnel. Nowadays, tactical flashlights are also a self-defense device for EDC. What makes a flashlight tactical is its high durability, robustness, waterproof, and simplicity. In addition, the most important is the functions can be triggered instinctively.

Medical penlight plays a key role in patient assessment and medical treatment. Whether be a nurse or a doctor, checking pupil size and reaction with penlight allows medical practitioners to determine the severity of an injury or disease process, and also to track and trend a patient’s status to see if the treatments have been provided well or not.

About the end of the 19th century, flashlights whose main features were tungsten filament bulb + alkaline battery, with the surface electroplated iron sheet as the shell were regarded as the first generation. The typical representative brands among the first generation flashlights were Eveready flashlight in USA and Tiger Head Flashlight in China.