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Alumni of Yangjiang No.1 Middle School Celebrate 105th Anniversary: NEXTORCH in Action

Founded in 1909, Yangjiang No.1 Middle School is a key high school in Yangjiang city, a national model high school and enjoys a high reputation. Over the centennial past, the school has nurtured thousands of outstanding graduates. Quite a number of them now become prominent scientists, litterateurs and artists and some have become high ranking officials of the Party and government, military officers, leading figures of various walks of life.

To mark the 105th anniversary of the Yangjiang No.1 Middle School on November 28th 2014, numerous alumni gathered campus to celebrate this historic moment of their alma mater. Under the leadership of the Alumni Association, a series of significant events and activities was expanded, including Alumni Football tournament, Alumni Lectures, and Anniversary Gala, etc.

What is worth mentioning is that NEXTORCH shares deep historical ties with the Yangjiang No.1 Middle School as a large number of its outstanding staffs graduated from this school, among which Mr. Liang Bing, president & founder of NEXTORCH, and Mr. Zhao Guofei, vice president & co-founder were outstanding alumni of the class of 86. When it comes to charitable contribution to alma mater, Mr. Liang and Mr. Zhao definitely took the lead in making their contributions and donations, following Nextorch culture motto, “being grateful and giving back to society”. In addition to participating in the organization and planning of the celebration, activity funds and a bulk of flashlights were also provided to support the development of their alma mater.

The first Phase of the Celebration: Alumni Association Football Tournament

Yangjiang No. 1 Middle School Alumni Association Football Tournament (2014) ended successfully on November 2nd. As one of the 105th anniversary events, it received support from many alumni on an unprecedented scale, with the largest number of participants and the largest age span in Yangjiang city than ever before. What’s more, it vividly reflected the characteristics of the former students’ love of sports, unity, and struggle.

Enthusiastic football players left behind the beautiful moments of alumni’s heroism in the game. In particular, the powerful offensive class 1986 alumni team that was fully supported by NEXTORCH, got to control the situation on the field, beat the opponents one after another and finally won the runner-up in Group A. The efficient and outstanding organization of the organizer, Mr. Liang Bing, NEXTORCH president is the key to the success of the game. And then, undoubtedly Mr. Liang was granted the Best Organization Award from the Alumni Association Conference.

The Second Phase of the Celebration: Anniversary Lectures on Igniting Dreams

Through the sharing of outstanding alumni with profound life experience, this series aims to encourage students to fight for their dreams and broaden their horizons as well. As an outstanding Alumni, Mr. Liang Bing, NEXTORCH President, was very honoured to be invited to deliver an excellent speech, which was warmly welcomed by the students. With his own life experience, Mr. Liang told them that people should have a dream. “It is the impetus of dreams in different life stages that make me who I am now so that I fervently believe in the power of dreams. If you don’t dream, if you don’t take action, then you might never have a chance to make a change.” He said.

The third Phase of the Celebration: 105th Annual Gala and Auction

On the evening of November 28th, Yangjiang No. 1 Middle School’s 105th Anniversary Gala was grandly held at the school football field, which was a meaningful audio-visual feast for the birthday of the alma mater. It was particularly worth mentioning that the party was also interspersed with famous calligraphy and paintings auctions donated by artist alumni Chen Zui, and Zhang Fenzhong, the former president of the school.

This auction proceeds would be donated to the School Education Development Foundation to support students in difficult lives. Undoubtedly, this charity auction session received enthusiastic support from many alumni. NEXTORCH president, Mr. Liang also did his part to help younger students to fulfill their dreams of studying, and made a small contribution to the development of the educational cause by spending 30,000 RMB on a painting donated by alumni of the middle school.

The 105th Anniversary Gala would be rounded off with cheers and applause, which also heralded the official end of the 105th anniversary of Yangjiang No. 1 Middle School. After that, NEXTORCH, as an excellent local enterprise in Yangjiang city, also extends the most sincere blessings to this most excellent school in Yangjiang and wish it a greater future!

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