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Before resorting the warranty, the troubleshooting process steps are as follows if the issue with your flashlight can be easily fixed without sending it in for warranty. A good start would be for you to adjust the tail cap and tighten it appropriately, which is a positive step. Much more could be done to see is via checking o-ring whether it’s into the proper spot. However, these measures alone may not be sufficient to ensure if it’s ok. One focus ought to replace new battery. Another should be to clean battery tube for even a small bit of dust can affect

1)Please simply wipe the flashlight off after use with a dry cloth to remove ash while preventing scratches
2)While the flashlight is contaminated with seawater or corrosive liquid, please wash it with clean water and blow it dry with a hair dryer.
3)Please release the battery and keep them dry and cool when you wouldn't use the flashlight for a time.
4)Never use old and new batteries together or don't mix different brands of batteries. Mixing of cells can result in battery leakage and sub-optimal device performance.
5)Do not put the head of working flashlight straight on the flat, which would burn the bulb or even start a fire as the flashlight couldn’t give off heat well.
6)When the tail cap doesn't rotate smoothly, lay on some silicone grease on the "O" ring.
7)If you plan to not use your flashlight for a while, loosen the tail cap to make sure there is no voltage on the light and as such this prevents battery leak damage(corrosion).
8)Since lithium batteries self-discharge, it is recommended that they must be recharged every 3 months for a longer lifespan if you do not use your flashlight often.

The negative side of your battery terminal will be flat, and that is the part that should go on the spring. The positive end of round-type batteries will have a little nub on the center of the battery. This side needs to go on the flat end of the battery terminal.

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