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Founded in 1909, Yangjiang No.1 Middle School is a key high school in Yangjiang city, a national model high school and enjoys a high reputation. Over the centennial past, the school has nurtured thousands of outstanding graduates. Quite a number of them now become prominent scientists, litterateurs and artists and some have become high ranking officials of the Party and government, military officers, leading figures of various walks of life.

As far as NEXTORCH’s concerned, CSR is not just what you do for others, but it’s about what you do for your own employees to positively impact their lives. Therefore, over the years NEXTORCH has established its own employee assistance fund (EAF), also known as an Employee Relief Fund or an Employee Crisis Fund, aiming to help employees cope with unexpected hardships that place undue financial stress on them and their families.

As the Wuhan city was suffering a rise in COVID-19 cases, On January 23, 2020, Wuhan City Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Command Center issued the No. 1 public notice declaring that materials urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control included medical equipment, medical equipment, reagents, drugs, protective equipment, disinfection equipment, consumables, etc.