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No one can argue – an indispensable friend on any farm is a good, reliable, tough, strong flashlight that dispels the darkness to foil loadshedding, to see if thugs are stalking the homestead, to check if your animals and tools are still safe, to work on tractors, pumps or other equipment at night, and a thousand and one other tasks.

At an exclusive launch event, Mr. Huang, the product manager of NEXTORCH, introduced 6 improved new products to all the media, guests, and fans. Entering the market with their new equipment products designed for the law enforcement as their reputation in the tactical and law enforcement arena is competitive.

Using multiple high-quality Sunlike LED light sources and a scientific optical design system, iStar has a uniform light spot and very high color rendering. The color rendering index reaches CRI>95, Rf 97& Rg 101, which is close to the real sun light so that you can better observe the world even at night. With the multi-light mode including red & white lights, spotlight and floodlight, iStar is a good choice for night maintenance, camping and night running.

Equipped with white, red and blue LEDs, the P83 is endowed with a versatile enforcement flashlight of a max output of 1300 lumens and a max throw of 140 meters. With three light sources integration, P83 is an innovative combination of tactical light and signal light to meet the needs of lighting and being seen in complex nighttime environments. P83 is a good choice with 2m impact resistance and IPX7 waterproof for emergency security needs for law-enforcement, group identification, location beacon and self-defense.