Fully ANSI specified Micro Flashlight that produces more light than flashlights 6x larger.

Just twist the head to switch on.

The Nex’ generation in small LED single AAA cell torches.

Aerospace grade aluminium with hard anodized finish.

Patented anti-rolling structure.

Water resistant.

Supplied with NexTorch S-Biner.

Guaranteed to ANSI-FL1 Standard

Only 1x AAA Alkaline Battery needed (Battery included).

K1 is one of the smallest AAA flashlights in the world.

It is only 63mm long and weighs .53oz; it's practical and stylish for EDC (every-day-carry).

Attach this tiny flashlight to your rucksack, camera bag, zip pull or anywhere that you may need a compact back-up light.

This small compact flashlight produces a massive 32 lumens of light.

The attractive aerospace grade aluminium body with hard-anodized finish, as well as the refined stainless steel head enables you to always have the most functional lighting equipment on hand.


Expect to pay R 149.90 including vat